Workarounds Paths to Calculus: High School

For students who take Algebra in 9th grade (without doubling up in Geometry), it is possible to get to Calculus senior year by taking a math class over the summer. However, if you plan on taking a class outside of SFUSD, be sure to get approval from your high school counselor as different high schools may have their own rules regarding requesting permission to take community college courses. Also be sure to confirm any information provided here in case things change.

Pathway #6) Summer After 9th Grade: SFUSD Summer School Geometry

SFUSD Summer Geometry: Freshman who have taken Algebra can apply to take a free, intensive six-week SFUSD Geometry course over the summer. There are a limited number of spots so getting in is not guaranteed. It is usually held at an SF public high school. Students must attend every day. Since it is a SFUSD-sponsored class, there is no need to request special permission from your high school. The grade received in the summer course will count towards high school graduation and the grade will be included on your transcript.

Summer Geometry Online or at Community College: If you don’t get a spot for the SFUSD Summer Geometry class, you could also take a online Geometry course at one of the online schools listed on the 8th Grade Algebra page, or any online/in-person class listed on this UC website of approved classes. You could also take it at a community college such as College of San Mateo or Skyline.

Pathways #7 and #8) Summers After 10th & 11th Grades: Algebra 2 and Precalculus

Math classes can be taken over the summer at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) after sophomore year, as high school students need 120 credits before they can become a dual-credit student. As high school classes are 5 credits per semester, this is the equivalent of completing 24 semesters of class, or essentially completing sophomore year. You would need to register as a dual-credit student at CCSF in order for the class to be listed on your high school transcript. For more info on CCSF dual credit, click here.

Summer After 10th Grade-Algebra 2: Sophomores who completed Geometry can request to take Algebra 2 over the summer at CCSF or another approved community college. At CCSF, the equivalent class is Math 60-Intermediate Algebra.

Summer After 11th Grade-Precalculus: Juniors can request to take Precalculus at CCSF (or another community college) over the summer. At CCSF, the student would need to take both Math 90-Precalculus Algebra and Math 95-Trigonometry. 

Workarounds to Calculus: High School
Pathway #Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11


Grade 12
Pathway 6 (Summer Geometry)Algebra 1Geometry (SFUSD)Algebra 2N/APrecalculusN/A

- AP Calculus
- AP Statistics

Pathway 7 (Summer Algebra 2)Algebra 1N/AGeometryAlgebra 2 (CCSF)PrecalculusN/A

- AP Calculus
- AP Statistics

Pathway 8 (Summer Precalculus)Algebra 1N/AGeometryN/AAlgebra 2Precalculus (CCSF)

- AP Calculus
- AP Statistics

Note: Students need to request permission from their high school counselor to ensure community college or any non-SFUSD classes will count as high school credit and/or allow the student to move onto the next level math class. as different high schools may have their own rules regarding requesting permission to take community college courses.

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