MathPathSF is a student-run organization dedicated to empowering students to navigate math advancement within the San Francisco public school district (SFUSD).

It was founded in 2021 to support students who were stressing out about how to take Calculus before graduating high school. Each year, freshman with this goal meet with their counselors and ask to double up in Algebra and Geometry even if it means giving up a language class or band, but most are not able to as there are not enough spots. Most are also not aware that it is possible to pass out of Algebra by taking an online class in eighth grade, yet kids who attended private school are able to enroll in Geometry as freshmen since their schools taught eighth-grade Algebra.

While we do not believe that taking advanced math classes is necessary for everyone, we want to inform students about the different ways to advance in math and be able to take Calculus in an SFUSD high school if that is your goal. We hope this site makes the process more transparent and easy to understand so students are aware of what’s possible and can decide what’s best for their education.

What People are Saying

“So clear and easy to understand. What an awesome resource. I have shared with our middle school parents group. Thank you!”

“So helpful!!! It was so difficult trying to understand and piece together all the info from parent email threads. The website does a great job at explaining it clearly. I will share with other parents to save them a lot of headache :D!”

“Our son is very interested in progressing along one of the advancement pathways to make sure he gets AP Calculus in high school. This is a great website - thank you for putting it together!”

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